Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has more than 70 years of tradition. It was established in 1933 on the site of the former parish cemetery of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and part of a field between the barracks and Lidická street. The garden was opened to the public on 9th September 1934.

The Botanical Garden is run by ASA TS Prostějov, s.r.o. As many as 1200 species of plants from up to 105 families are planted over an area of 0.5 ha. Due to the favourable location of the garden plants from every continent of the world can be grown here. 

Since 1986 the Botanical Garden has been on the International List of Botanical Gardens and in cooperation with cities such as Vienna, Essen, Ljubljana, Prague, Brno and Pilsen the garden receives botanical material to supplement its existing collection.
The garden focuses primarily on education of school groups, but also on advice for small gardeners on growing perennials, rockery plants, medicinal plants, evergreen and deciduous trees.

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