The northern edge of the town is bordered by the Hloučela river, whose meanders, river terraces, riverside and accompanying vegetation form a natural bio-corridor with a humid, shady climate in the otherwise dry Haná plain. Although the original tree species have been reduced to mainly alders with some ash and willow, the riverside and accompanying vegetation provides a refuge for numerous floodplain birds, including Kingfishers. The source of the river is in the Drahanská vrchovina (Drahanská highlands) and it flows through this healthy, untouched landscape to Plumlov reservoir as the Okluka stream. The clean water has therefore once again become the home of freshwater crayfish and minnows. Nowadays the Hloučela is a trout-stream.

The right bank of the Hloučela is well-frequented by Prostějov residents as it is a very popular area for walks and day trips suitable for people of all ages. With the financial support of the town and the work of nature conservationists the Hloučela is not only becoming a functional recreational zone for town residents, with footpaths and cycle-trails, but primarily it is providing an oasis for protected wildlife. The bio-corridor is currently undergoing long-term transformation with the liquidation of non-native, aggressive species of trees, Canadian poplar and false acacia, in favour of ash, alder, maple and elm, which are being successfully pollarded in many places.

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