Prostějov Theatre

Prostějov Theatre is based in the National House, in the prestigious Art Nouveau Czech Historical Monument which is one of the architectural splendours of Prostějov and is its main cultural and social centre. Construction of the building was completed in 1907 according to a design by architect Jan Kotěra (1871 – 1923), a professor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

The National House, originally named the Town Federation House, was built by the Bohemian town authorities as a stately and representative venue for community, cultural and social events. The building continues to fulfil the requirements of its visitors, as it always has, and offers a 513 seat theatre hall, a lecture hall with adjoining rooms with a capacity of 200 seats, as well as a café, restaurant and wine-bar. An attractive outdoor restaurant area is available during the summer season.
Prostějov Theatre organises theatre performances and concerts by professional and amateur groups, arranges inspirational meetings, musical performances, theatre festivals and exhibitions of art and photography. 
The restaurant, “Café Galerie” and the wine bar are the operational premises of the National House Public Benefit Association which, apart from extensive restaurant activities, is in charge of the training of catering students - kitchen staff, waiters and waitresses and also organises artistic events in the café.

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