Town Hall

With its 66 metre tower the New Town Hall is not only the dominant feature of T.G.Masaryk square, but also of the whole town and its immediate surroundings. Plans for its construction were drawn up between 1909-11 by Karel Hugo Kepka, a professor of Czech Technical Studies in Brno. Building work was carried out from 1911 – 14 under the supervision of builders Rudolf Konečný and Josef Nedělník. Sculptural work, to models by Čeněk Vosmík, was carried out by Josef Bernauer. Stucco work was done by Vladimír Pleský, wrought ironwork was done by the Vulkania company, furniture was supplied by Robert Kořalka - all local companies of craftsmen, a stipulation of the Town Council. The massive tower, with its copper dome and clocks, was originally intended to stand in the centre of the main façade. However, the planned right wing was never built as the land occupied by the neighbouring building could not be bought.

The New Town Hall is the municipal office of Prostějov Council. Expert guided tours of the building can be arranged in the Information Centre on the premises of the Town Hall.

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